Weight-Loss Myths

Weight-Loss Myths

As a scientist, I suppose I am by nature a skeptic.  I tend to be reluctant to give credence to all of the “facts” that people spout off about, and there are lot of those dubious facts out there about weight loss.  Check out this article, passed on to me by my husband.

What do you think?  Were you surprised that some of these common statements were unsubstantiated?


2 thoughts on “Weight-Loss Myths

  1. Robert Moffett says:

    The myths could have been true, but no one actually did the research to find out. If it sounded true, it was good enough.

    • Hence, we should always question those “facts” that people give us. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re untrue, but do we really want to make drastic behavior changes based on supposition? I don’t.

      I suppose some of them would fall into the “can’t hurt, might help” category, however.

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