Saving Money and Still Eating Healthy

Great tips for eating healthy foods without breaking the bank!

I am NOT just a fat girl

budgetAs I spoke about yesterday we talked about how expensive unhealthy food can be.  It seems everywhere you turn you hear just how “expensive” it is to eat healthy.  I am here to tell you today that doesn’t have to be true.

Look, as a mom of 6 kids and a family on a tight budget I know how even the slightest adjustment to the budget can put you in the negative.  So when we went into this lifestyle change to eat healthy our first scare was money of course.

We always understood the whole “invest in yourself” but we have 4 other little beings as well that also need things like running water, a roof, clothing, heat and of course food too.  So I knew to make eat healthy possible I had to find away to make it fit my budget.

In the beginning I started spending a ton…

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