Soaking Up the Sun

I have a confession: I think I am solar-powered.  I suspect that I am one of those people that may have mild Seasonal Affective Disorder, since the few times that I have battled depression, as well as the two major adrenal crises I have suffered, have all been in the dead of winter.  Perhaps it is the Floridian in me, but as much as I dislike the cold, I hate the shortened days even more.

Yesterday and today have been warm enough for me to spend a few minutes outside, enjoying the sun and the cool air.  These welcome breaks are few and far between in Indiana in February, but I’ll take what I can get.  I must store up the light for a darker day.

Isn’t that true of all of our lives?  We need to absorb the beauty, the sunshine, the happy times, the joy, for those times when they are not available to us.  We can’t continually absorb the bad stuff instead, and expect our hearts to thrive.

How good am I at counting my blessings?  I guess it fluctuates quite a bit.  But just as depression feeds itself, so joy does as well.  Take some time today to soak up the metaphorical sun (or the literal sun) and store it for a cloudy day.  Pollyanna out.  😉


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