Self-Esteem: What (Some) Men Really Like

Be comfortable in your own skin, because that’s the skin you’re in.

It is far too easy to get drawn into the habit of “I would be happy with myself if…”.  If I were thinner, if I weren’t so thin, if I didn’t have so many wrinkles, if I had flawless skin, if I were taller, blah, blah, blah.  I know I do it to myself all the time.

And unfortunately, I have unwittingly passed that habit on to my daughter.  I have tried to point out to her the things about her body that are beautiful, and discourage her from focusing on the tiny details that she is unsatisfied with.  But I am a hypocrite.  I can’t really expect her to do what I am unable to do myself.

I constantly need reassurance from my husband (poor thing) that he truly finds me attractive.  Because I don’t see it myself, I have trouble seeing what he finds appealing about me.  And make no mistake, women.  We are not only torturing ourselves by doing this, we are torturing our men as well. (I’m assuming at this point that I am not the only woman who does this to her poor defenseless man.)

Mind of Man: The Types of Women That Really Turn Us On

I thought this was an interesting (and humorous) viewpoint on the idea that real beauty is only defined as waif-thin.  It’s a little crass, but it points out that some men really do prefer curvier women.  So adopting a lifestyle of extreme dieting, extreme exercising, or even eating disorders to lose those stubborn pounds might actually be counter-productive.

It is far more important to eat well because we want to be healthy, and to learn to love ourselves just as we are, even if we are working to improve the way we look. In the meantime, there are so many things about you that are beautiful!


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