The Video Every Mom Must Watch

This video is short, and it’s probably not anything we haven’t already heard.  It’s just that us moms need to be constantly reminded that we ARE doing something right, even  when we’re beating ourselves up about everything we’re doing wrong.   Don’t give up out there.  Our little ones aren’t keeping a tally of our shortcomings, they’re loving us just as we are.  Hopefully we’re doing the same for them.   And we’re their heroes, ladies.  Let that sink in for a moment.  And take heart.


2 thoughts on “The Video Every Mom Must Watch

  1. VivBlogs says:

    Thanks! I needed that.

  2. Daniel Bryan says:

    That is so true. If there is anything I’ve learned recently is that you are succeeding by just staying in there. By simply faithfully being there as a mother and trying your hardest, you are succeeding. Moms, you rock.

    Daniel Bryan


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