Decluttering Your Bookshelf

I’ve talked about decluttering before, but I have a confession to make:  I find getting rid of books borderline painful.  I loathe the idea of getting rid of a book and then wishing I could read it again.  I’ve gotten marginally better at this since I’ve gotten my Kindle, since many older works of literature are available for free.  Part of the problem is that my hubby is even worse than I am.  So we have books sitting on bookshelves that have literally not been touched in a decade, except for us to look at them and decide that we’re not ready to get rid of them.

So obviously I’m asking you to do as I say, not as I do.  😀  There are some great ideas on this list, but the thing that has helped me the most is to think of giving them to a home where they will be loved instead of collecting dust.  I like donating books to the public library or church library especially, because then they can be loved by LOTS of people.

And it is really nice to know that the books you DO decide to keep are the ones that you REALLY love, and will re-read.  As fond as I am of my Kindle, somehow I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely give up the experience of reading a real book.

BTW, if you itemize on your taxes, don’t forget to get a receipt for donations to the public library, your church, or any other non-profit.


One thought on “Decluttering Your Bookshelf

  1. Daniel Bryan says:

    I like your logic for being able to give up some of your books. If you gave hem to a library yen a lot of people could use them. As a fellow book-hoarder I emphasize with how hard it can be to ditch my beloved tomes. That said, I find it personally refreshing to declutter periodically.


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