Americans united…

This pretty much sums up my frustration with political division, fanaticism, and outrage in our country. Let’s stop being indignant with one another and look for common ground.

See, there's this thing called biology...

We are you know, very united, in spite of what the media and the DC political machine has tried to do to us. When you come right down to it, Americans have a core set of values that we all hold dear. We may disagree on how to solve problems, but we are SO united in what we believe.1511066_647877401914797_1485627215_n

Our politicians, our media moguls, our political parties, have tried to exploit our tribalistic  tendancies, to take advantage of our cognitive dissonance. What a government always fears is a united population because there is strength in numbers. Keep us all bickering among ourselves, viewing each other as the enemy and nobody will ever speak truth to power.

It’s maddening knowing this, seeing this, reading the studies that prove this…and yet being completely powerless to spread the word, to show people the truth. We’re all far too invested in our need for tribal identities, in the…

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